New Year Resolution


Looking around the office and seeing those around me who like me didn’t fill out the week with vacation time got me thinking about New Years resolutions. Not the personal ones but the professional ones and how we apply them.

You may have had a number of meetings discussing the strategic goals for the coming year and

If, like me, you are bad at time management then maybe this years real resolution is to get a handle on time.

I know there are no end of tools and utilities available and there are simple and effective methodologies to achieve good time management but the one thing that I have to do is actually set aside time to manage time.

Here is what I am going to do, first I will set out the strategic goals and record them. I will also set out to add weekly operational tasks aligned with the strategic goals to support them. I will then add in the normal operational tasks as they arise.

The critical step is setting aside time to actually do this. The plan I intend to use is to conduct a review of the week on a Friday afternoon or evening when the weeks activities are fresh in my mind and update my plan for the coming week. Most importantly I will also put aside time on a Monday morning to also review the tasks for the week.

Obviously during any given week I will add and modify the plan as operational matters take precedence but the overall objective will not be lost.

Check back in 12 months to see how I got on.

Actually check back in a month to see if it has fallen by the wayside and I have reverted to previous behaviour!


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