12G Grand Prix

We, in Dell Ireland, put on our thinking caps to come up with a way to get our message across in a fun way.

Brendan Collins takes the winners trophy!

Brendan Collins takes the winners trophy!

What about Go Karting? So the idea was born and as a result on Thursday November 29th I found myself in the Sheldon Park hotel not far from Kylemore Go Karting centre.

We kicked off the day with a presentation from Simon Sparrow, who is our Domain Specialist for Server & Private Cloud,  who took us through the 12G range not on a product by product litany of speeds and feeds but by getting across the core value proposition of the 12G range. Simon took us through the Technology highlights  such as fail safe virtualisation and the ability of 12G servers to run in “Fresh Air”. Simon also took us through the key features of the management tools available to  deploy, update, monitor and maintain the complete install base.

Then Marc O’Regan, Domain Specialist for Next Generation Computing Solutions, introduced Dell’s approach to Convergence, removing the hype around the latest buzzword and highlighting  the real benefits to an organisation of a converged solution. Again it isn’t about the underlying hardware but about how we deploy and manage a complete solution.

And finally I had the pleasure of presenting on the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’s Accelerated Capital Allowance and how our customers can avail of the scheme. The key point for me that of the four Blade servers currently qualified for the scheme three are Dell units. This is something I take great pride in as it is my responsibility to submit our units for qualification. While not every organisation can avail of the scheme it is the only real Irish based benchmark  for power. Seeign ten of our rack servers also qualified it is a great testament to the the efficiency of the 12G range. You can find out more about the ACA scheme on the SEAI website.

If I was to point out one highlight it would have to be the Converged Infrastructure bundle that we presented. The bundle comprises of the ACA qualified M620 blades coupled with a Equallogic M4110 Blade array with 7TB of storage all contained within the M1000e Balde chassis. Bringing it all together is the Dell Force10 MXL Blade switch and the complete bundle is available today for only €39,999 +vat.

Blatant advertising but you will have to forgive me as I work in marketing and can’t help it.

We then broke for lunch and never having used the Sheldon Park for an event it was with some trepidation that I brought our guests for lunch. I need not have worried as the lunch was a top notch feed only resulting in some people stating that needed a nap after the feed.

but a nap was the furthest thing from our mind as we made our way around the Kylemore Go Karting Centre. What a

Lining up for the grid

Lining up for the grid

facility, very professionally run and a fantastic layout. The course runs over two floors of the building with a fantastic “S” bend on the way back down ending with a severe U turn back onto the back straight.

It was noted that at the start of the event much of the talk was “how fast are they/”, or “will this hurt my back” and after a few sessions talk changed to “that no. 9 car has no grip in the back, I kept losing the back-end on turn 4” or “You took me out ya B*$&%*D!”.

To say it was competitive would be an understatement and the “No Bumping” rule seems to have been suspended for the group. Although nobody went home with any tyre marks on their back.

I think everyone who made it to the karting will agree it was a great venue and a great event and I will certainly be fighting for the budget to run it again. However there was mention of rock climbing.

Everyone involved from Dell would like to thank all our customers who were able to attend on the day and hopefully we will see you all back again for the next event.

You can see all of the pictures from the event on Picasa

The Competitors

The Competitors


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