Dell @ the ICTTF conference, Dublin, July 5th

Lee Lawson presents….

On July 5th the International Cyber Threat Task Force were hosting a summit in Dublin aimed at de-mystifying cyber threats for senior executives. Dell, particularly the Secureworks team were anxious to develop brand awareness and this looked like a great opportunity to do just that. The attendee list looked like a who’s who of the Irish market with many big players sending delegates to the summit.I won’t bore you with the details of the logistics of setting up the attendance at one of these events but suffice to say that myself and Robin Pearcy felt like we were contestants on the Krypton Factorwhen trying to assemble the “wall”. Suffice to say we that we succeeded and the only prize was our own sense of satisfaction in the knowledge that the wall was secure and very unlikely to fall on anyone.

Convention Centre, DublinThe Convention Centre

A bit about the venue. This is worth going into because I was a little excited. That’s no mean feat as I am not exactly a spring chicken and I am not prone to jumping

around, shaking my fist in the air while going “whoop whoop whoop”. But I was excited. The venue was The Convention Centre Dublin. Opened in September 2010 this was Dublin’s newest award winning landmark. Check out some pictures of the venue.

They say in life that you make your own luck but for legal reasons I would be very slow to use that phrase in connection with the fortunate turn of events on the day. Sony Music Ireland had their web site hacked in the hours before the summit was to open. The result was that the Cyber Threat summit was suddenly a hot topic drawing the attention of the main TV stations in Ireland with the added bonus that the Dell stand formed the backdrop for the journalist doing their piece to camera on the main evening news of the national broadcaster. Time on your hands go watch but I can save you some time, it’s about 33 minutes into the program.

How else did we stand out from the crowd? Well the incredible performance of Lee Lawson, our designated speaker was one of the highlight presentations of the day. We had been asked not to simply present on the products and services that Dell Secureworks brings to the table and being honest it is hard to resist the temptation. Here you have a captive audience, you have paid money to be there, why not use the opportunity to promote your products and services. Well mainly because the attendees did not give up their valuable time to have someone deliver a sales pitch. There is a time and place for that and this was definitely not it. Lee knew this and delivered a great presentation on the cyber threat landscape. This was pertinent and resonated with the audience. it also did a great job of highlighting the depth of knowledge and domain expertise within Dell Secureworks. Something he did in a very entertaining and effective manner.

So did we accomplish our mission?

Did we produce lots of marketing ready leads?


Did we produce sales ready leads?

eh No!

Did we get the message out that Dell is a serious player when it comes to Security?

Most definitely Yes!!


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